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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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was finally a struggle to get the freeway down i i was an active part of that and on the planning department how to keep the housing and how we do that and i'm active i no longer have my store this is another thing showing i was involved during that time in 2008, i was nominated the woman of the year and i'm proud of that. there was a time when people were asking for letters and i didn't quite catch that but i brought a letter from richard who's the president of the merchant and my coworker i've been around a long time and very aware of the issues surrounding the octavia market street plan.
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>> okay any questions. supervisor tang >> sure i see you've got a lot of history in the community and i want to see if you can speak going forward and what are the issues in the neighborhood. >> one thing we're very interested in seeing how the money is spent open projects that will enhance the safety of the streets. and also then seeing more art involvement. i've read a little bit about the term is only through december so i would - i am generally a quick study but have the approval of robbing i think left on the committee and jason who's on the committee now i wasn't able to
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print out the letters but they think i'll be a good person to step in and fill the vacancy for now. >> okay. thank you very much. uh-huh thank you >> next up is gary mccoy. >> hi supervisors. i am honored to be here to ask for your support for my recommendation to fill seat 3 on the market and octavia advise committee i've seen you in and out of city hall but i want to explain my qualifications. shortly after moving to san francisco in 2001 i become hiv positive through a series of events my life spun down a path
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of substance abuse and homelessness i spent a lot of time at the liberate wondering if i could do things if things in my life had been different and dreaming of something different i did wasn't until was diagnosed with aids i released if i didn't turn my life around through a long struggler with social security and the renet program it's proved successful i utilized our city's services and resources to get back on my feet and found myself doing that i spent time volunteering by going back to school i completed my license for the health care
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since hiv i bring 12 step meetings into san bruno just as i have for several years. and wanting to fulfill my dreams of doing something good for the city and after seeing the unfortunate departure of a lady that was hit by a muni bus i set out to ask supervisor campos to appoint mow me to the safety and advisory committee i was pointed out after that i was appointed by supervisor wiener to represent district 8. i love my city and find myself in interference daily and i rely my thoughts to my computes with
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the neighborhood valley association and the castro upper market and other recovery related commitments to various board and also volunteer for supervisor wiener i've been interim by nancy pelosi's office all in the name of getting experience to better serve our city i'm a major skrok for pedestrian safety especially, since we've seen the major uptick in fatalities i'm an advocate for speertd of living in an ervin environment it's important to create beautiful spaces an advocate for making
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our sidewalks assessable for all disabled and it's important to provide opportunities for nonprofits and community and saucers resources to audio tape some ground floor plays. and ways i can't explain and for that i'm remain every grateful i hope you'll support me and look forward to continuing my work and saving san francisco. so thank you >> thank you any questions. >> supervisor campos. >> i have a question for the applicant i think they're both excellent i have a question for the tuesday. thank you. for the city attorney. i imagine that both qualify for the appointment i understand it has to be a protecting resident that lives or works in the
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planning area it's basically so long as they identify that they will be sufficient? john gibner, deputy city attorney. yes. the ordinance and resolution creating the seat require that the seat be held by a protecting person but the legislation didn't define that term i understand that both resident identify themselves that way >> again both excellent candidates. >> i have some cards for. (calling names) >> good afternoon. i'm mike i'm here to speaker speak in support of gary names i've known gary
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for several years and the community organizations gary is one of the most reliable persons and strong ethnics one of his best skills is relying information to city hall to computes of friends just today a friend of mine committed no idea that had it not been for gary he wasn't sure he would come back to the community i support gary. thank you >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is keith, if you will, gesture like mike i've gotten gary we're in recovery together when i first met gary he is asked me what it was that i have been sober quite a bit he asked
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me to what i've done to make sure i have a healthy well planned life i told him he jumped in immediately and start volunteering doing work that other people wouldn't do and when he start working i live at the corner of 18 and castro it's been a little bit of a construction zone for 6 months and you know when people asked me questions i know exactly where to go like mike said he's been willing to share his information and answer questions for the community east even if if didn't have anything to do with him he's done an amazing job part of peace act and of the organization that i've worked on and the ie support his candidacy
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for this board. thank you >> hi good afternoon. i'm curtis the president of the k n b c organization i'm here to speak about gary i've known gary for that quite a while we've emigrated from the east coast i've known him for 20 years i've seen him face life changes around audition and homelessness but i would say in spit of of those challenges he's ground spoken amazing leader. you know whenever i talk to him, i never cease to be amazed his
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energy and work ethic is phenomenal he improves lives and he inspires me on a regular basis i resemble believed with all admiration for all the tale of two cities candidates put forth gary's nomination to the full board i believe it's a right choice for the community and the association. thank you >> good afternoon supervisor yee and supervisor tang and supervisor campos i'm alex i'm congresswoman pelosi spokesperson i'm i've known gary he interned if f for the
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congresswoman for 4 months and has a strong recommendation with the staff he spanks to someone from all different walks of life he, he treats them equally he identified people's problems no matter how large or small he listened and understands what they convey that type of peanut his debate work ethic is important because there's defy people. his experience in the pedestrian safety advisory committee i've house sit down in the neighborhood and i know how polk street can be a freeway sometimes, we want to protect the pedestrian safety and gary's knowledge of the infrastructures the constituents the mechanics
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of city hall and being able to connect both making him an excellent candidate for that position >> hi becky this is my peace hat i've served with gary over a year and been impressed with him so much so at the place meeting i nominated him to be co-chair of the peace act. he's been an educate to the committee and will be an educate to this committee ii recommend i forward his recommendation. thank you >> thank you any other public comments. >> good afternoon protective aid to nancy pelosi. you have a letter ramble
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reiterating her word i'll speak on behalf of myself he's been my interim and colleague and my friend i sympathy with the position on the rules committee you have to quickly and publicly access somebody's qualifications and character i think the qualifications is important the octavia is for district 5 and 8 he's been an interim for district 8 he knows the issues and he's been a leader on the pedestrian safety advisory committee and in a variety of organizations but more important more powerful is from my perspective gary is a man of is it true character and almost a
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prenature calm the third position was popping open brutal and we needed to fill the position and who is the person who can hit the ground running that is a challenging job we asked gary without hesitation he came in the next day and never seemed overwhelmed it was a joy to work with and an educate 0 our office he spoke about his own personal history i think it's compelling to think about what he's demonstrated from his background. michelangelo said never coming condemn a life from within he's fashioned hiv and drug addiction
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and it's easy to become bitter he's the opposite. in a lot of ways as age immigrant to san francisco he represents san francisco at its best of self-sacrifice and helping people so they when they see further problems can help others i ask you to give him the opportunity for this >> thank you on that item? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor campos. >> thank you. i want to thank both candidates i think both of them brings things unique and the fang they're willing to serve in this roll is greatly appreciated and either one of them b will do a great job we
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have to make a choice unfortunately and there are also, you know, in in this case we have two great people and one seat but based on the presentation and the things i've seen and i speak as someone who has, you know, is certain filthiest to the underdog and the redemption of people that have struggled and pulled through i again, nothing against the other applicant but i'm proud to move forward gary mccoys nomination to the board. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you. supervisor campos for leading that difficult conversation i appreciate into applicants wanting to serve i enjoyed
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listening to the lady, however, i agree with supervisor campos and one of the reasons why i have seen gary everywhere he's so involved in the community i can't believe he had the personal tragedies but how he's turned around highs life i have inform doubt he's he'll do a great job in the cac so happy to move forward his recommendation >> a brief comment i concur with my colleagues those are difficult decisions when with you have qualified candidates that only woody allen have one position but for me, the fact that gary is on p sack and the the pedestrian safety issues are
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dear to me and i think having small business going into this advisory committee with that perspective of looking for the pedestrian safety is very vital for myself and also his passion for open space again as we've seen all this development up and down market street we need a voice there to talk about slow down a little bit to make sure we don't lose all our open space we don't want a concrete jungle were that apd pd with that said, without objection that item passes. congratulatio congratulations. no we're done with that item. madam clerk >> that's a hearing appointing
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two members terms ending january 29, 2013, to the children's issues. >> hi. my name is leahy want to express my interests in the vacancies for the children's commission my interest stems back years ago when i attended school in oakland in college i divorced at a daycare and programs for recovery addicts i work with a theorist at the county jail. in addition to that i also serve on the board of directors for nonprofit east bay for
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children's and it works to draft early child management in the east bay working to insure that all children receive the services to survive. i also serve on the planning advise committee where i've met supervisor campos and supervisor yee at a recently event in the past year one thing we've done is worked to spread the knowledge and awareness of the mental health we committed to community programs to put those causes and endure that children trafficking is stopped where my dedication and experience i seek appoint for this position i think i've got the experience as
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well as youth and energy >> in terms of your professional work. >> uh-huh. >> seems like your focus is with older youth i guess. what's our experience in terms of zero to 5 age category >> i've worked directly with the infants particularly in college i disastered for 3 years and also on the board of directors one of our focuses with an was on the therapyic school. >> any other questions seeing none. thank you >> next up it betty robertson harris. >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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my name is betty robertson harris i'm an early educator with the san francisco school district i'm a classroom teacher and currently work in the classroom with young children i'm here to be reappointed to the board. i am one of thousands of early educators that work with children in san francisco you my ask why i want to be reappoint the folks need a voice open the commission and having been working in san francisco as an educator since 1975 i feel that my experience with working with young children and their families in san francisco highly qualifies me i've worked on board in the mission and the bay area and the tenderloin and the
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sunshine and curling working in other district. i carry the needs and perspectives of all those children and their families with me as i educate children reggie see the needs for the folks receiving minimum pay i represent educators from ail sectors private schools private for profit and public schools, private-public and, of course, the san francisco school district. i've worked in all those settings throughout my career. i'm currently the chair of the early education for the san francisco school district ucsf i represent all the teachers and the paraprofessionals in the 37
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elements in san francisco. one thing that's as i move throughout the city and state and actually, the nation xhupt with other early educators they're in awe that i'm a commissioner and, yes i'm a teacher and that i'm a commissioner. i tell them that san francisco in its progressive nature and needs to be applauded for their forward thinking to understand how many educators i won't talk about all my awarded it's truly
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the focus to the children and families that are in san francisco and making sure that they have a voice in what goes on i want to thank you for your opportunity to be considered >> okay any questions. seeing none, thank you very much. next is dr. hi >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for your consideration and hearing me and speaking membership of the children's and family commission. as a native san franciscan and also raising a family in san francisco i've been afforded the opportunity to grow and benefit from the diversity here and i'm a product i'm also an educational leader in the early
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education department to my work is focused on young children and also served as a member of the advisory committee that focuses on zero to 5 years old there's a movement that's happening where we're looking at building a strong foundation for you for our youngest learners as an educational aid i've been a site administrator and now site supervisor i make sure we see that children have a quality education hits high obligation to insure there the quality of education one of the first strategic plans of 2015 my responsibilities have been about establishing transition with kindergarteners here in our
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great city here's photos. this allows 80 us to make sure that children are kindergarten ready for the associate development as well as meeting the climates and standards for the common core standards i've also been working on with my colleagues is the p-3 initiative that's beyond zero to 5 but make sure that children are successful in college and career ready so from pre k i know where the children are going and what the exceptions are bye bringing educators to e together from pre k and kindergarten up through third greed grade and beyond we look at the development of the children and the active read in-laws i can bring a lot to the commission and expanding the
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great work in the district to the community because all our children not only alleyway our local children but the entire city >> many questions seeing none. the last one up is you can't practical harris. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm jamal harris a pediatrician in hunters point is pediatrician are the one group that takeovers children understanding how we impact the work that is being done with the families in the first years of life is important and that voice as we have as pediatricians is important i'm a pediatrician at the san
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francisco general how's hospital and in my roll at the department of public department of transportation i've leading the projects so we've been working to make sure that our children are correcting connecting with the family research centers and working with the childhood development my goal is making sure that we are including those families from zero to 3 and making sure what we're doing really reflects how what we know with the importance of addressing demonstrate early and those first 3 years of life are important. personally i'm really excited about the opportunity to step outside of my career as a that you hadtion there's limited things to do and being able